a healthy diet - out of love for oneself - a delight for your body and your soul

Touch the Essence also stands for me as a medically proven, holitic nutritionist being able to support in finding out the essential guidlines of each one individually for a healthy and enoyable diet.

I want to treat nutrition from a holistic approach, with not only looking at the food one is taking in, but with also valuing the emotions, thoughts, preferences and dislikes. A healthy and balanced diet consists of more than only counting calories and vitamins.

  • Analysis of your nutritional report
    with appropriate advice how to improve your diet in a way that suits your day to day life.
    (Am I following a healthy diet? How can I improve that in an easy way?)
  • Weight regulation
    Body shaping instead of only counting calories and being frustrated because of poor and inefficient diets. A healthy but nevertheless highly enjoyable diet.
    Go to the cause of the overweight
  • Nutrition during pregnancy, for infants and children.
  • Diets for clients with allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol, uric acidů

If you would like to have any further information, have any question or if you want to book an appointment with me, you are most welcome to contact me.

Love & Light

Anushree Krementz


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