Body- Energy- Treatment

In Touch the Essence Anushree Krementz has found her own style to combine Energy Healing with Cranio- Sacral- Treatment and chanting of mantras and other healing songs and sounds.

Relaxing - Letting go- Coming home to your Self

Touch the Essence is an invitation to come again into contact with our true essence, the love within all of us, which is connecting us and is always present - just waiting to be conciously perceived and lived again. Through gently touching the body the client is supported in finding back the awareness of this internal peace and the body's own self healing power. The healing and balancing qualities of all the different sounds, words, melodies and silence support the human being in finding back to its own harmony with more awareness, peace, calmness and joy of being.

To me Touch the Essence is like a "divine dance" with the client.

Throughout all treatments you can wear comfortable clothes. I use only touch, energie, words and sounds.

Since in my opinion time and space are just mental constructes, you can also book a long distant healing.

Having taken many courses in different types of energy work and in Cranio- Sacral- Treatment, helped me to come into contact again with the essence. From this essence my own style has arisen and is still evolving. The link about Cranio- Sacral- Treatment describes this technic individually. But I dont give single Cranio- Sacral- Treatments anymore.

If you want to have any further information about a "Touch the Essence"- Treatment, if you have questions or if you want to book a treatment with me, you are most welcome to contact me.

Love & Light

Anushree Krementz


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