Because of my first job as decorator for advertising between 1999 and 2001, I came especially in contact with the superficiality of modern society. Instead of making people buy things, which they actually don't need, soon more and more the desire arose in me to help them to reconnect with their own infinite source.

Since 2001 I lived for several years in India and studied there different types of meditation, Yoga and started with the energy work Reiki.

After that I took many classes in other types of energy work in the United States and in different European countries.

Cranio-Sacral-Treatment I studied at the Upledger Institut in San Francisco as well as in Germany.

I have taken part in several the spine and the whole body posture correcting courses.

My studies to be a medically proven, holistic nutritionist I have completed with great rewards at the center for natural medicine in Munich.

Since 2005 I discovered music for myself and I am very grateful for the possibility to transmit during my treatments through my hands and my voice the contact to our divine essence.


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