so vibrant, all surrounding and pervading


so beautiful and true

just life

is what I found in life

and for the first time it's enough

(21.5.07 München)

Deep Surrender and Acceptance

Deep surrender and acceptance

- two sides of the one coin -

Whatever is, is what is happening

Whatever should be, is a dream

Whatever's rejected through a judgement

Whatever's accepted just through love

Doesn't change the fact what is

- just the joy and peace along the way

(Sept. '06, Boston)

Stop seeking - Start living!

Nowhere to go,

  Nowhere to hide,

Nothing to loose,

  Let go of your pride!

There's nothing here,

  Nothing to seek,

Just to surrender

  doesn't mean to be weak!

There's nothing there.

  This one moment just is -

Everlasting and full -

  Take care not to miss.

Don't struggle and grieve

  about deeds of the past,

Life is a miracle!

  How long will it last?

Don't worry and hope

  for a future unknown,

Trying to change,

  what wants to be shown.

There's nothing here,

There's nothing there.

  Just oneness playing its game,

Laughing at us

  at our fighting for fame.

There's just here and now

  and always will be.

It's just a show

   to be enjoyed by Thee.

(2.1.05 India)

Der Moment einer Ewigkeit

Brandung glitzernd im Meer

Die Woge sich hingebend

nur um neu zu entstehen

Die dunkle Silhouette des Jungen

ganz in das Spiel versunken

Der Schrei eines Adlers

voller Leichtigkeit kreisend

Vollkommenes Vertrauen in den Augenblick

Das Knattern von alten Motoren

treu sich durch die Straßen schiebend

Menschen und Tiere

Ausdruck desselben

Vielversprechende Düfte

Schwebend vor Farbenpracht

Die Sonne küßt das Meer

Sich auflösend in Schönheit und Glanz

Tiefe Ruhe und Stille

Nicht außen - sondern tiefer

Als je zu hoffen gewagt

breitet sich aus im Raum

  der keiner ist

Niemand da um zu teilen

Niemand da um zu lieben

Keine Zeit, kein Ort

Nur Friede und Liebe selbst

tanzend für immer vereint

Im Spiel des Lebens

Das Chaos belächelnd

Die Wunder bestaunend

- Thank you India -

(2.1.05 India)

Waking up?

I'm loosing my mind

and don't know if that's good,

like a drowning person

letting go of the wood.

Who taught me - or why do I believe

that under water I'm not able to breathe?

Once I've let go,

there is no way back.

What can I do,

if this is breaking my neck?

Life is so precious -

but what is life other

than one miracle after the other?

So I'll better be open

and try not to resist,

what is unfolding

beyond the mysterious mist.

(Nov 04 Ireland, Merlin's Puzzle class)

Letting go!

Let go, let go - only let go!

Doesn't sound difficult -

but how do I know

who I am and where I'm at

what to let go off

what's real and what's flat?

What is fake and what is real?

Whom can I ask

Which truth to reveal?

What can I loose and what can I win

Who makes the rule

What is right – what is sin?

Where do I go

and for what anyway

I really don't know

is all I can say.

All what's left

is just to surrender

to keep the faith

and trust the agenda

of God's divine play

The dance without end

What can I say -

Life is for rent!


Bad Endorf


Sitze still in Deinem Herzen

Laß die Liebe einfach rein

ohne Angst und Zwang

Laß die Liebe einfach sein.

Akzeptiere all die Schmerzen

all die Qual und all das Leid

sie sind auch von Gott gegeben -

erkenne die Vollkommenheit.

In jedem Augenblick des Lebens

ist Gott da und liebt -

und achtet dich, so wie du bist,

erkenne jetzt wieviel er gibt.

Endloses Geben ohne Eile

jeden Tag und jede Nacht

voll Geduld und Mitgefühl

bis Deine Seele wieder lacht.

Jan. 05


Love and Light



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