A Cranio-Sacral-Treatment is a relaxing non manipulative body work where the goal is to bring the Cranio-Sacral-Rhythm back into its natural balance.

The Cranio-Sacra-System consists of the cranium, spine, sacrum and the these parts connecting membranes, the dura mater, pia mater and the arachnoidea.

Approximately one glass of "cerebro spinal fluid", called liquor flows inside these membranes along the brain and the spine in order to nurture and cleanse them. This liquor is produced in certain parts of the brain and reabsorbed in others. This constant increasing and decreasing of liquor causes the Cranio-Sacral-Rhythm.

This rhythm moves, therefore, our brain and the whole central nervous system moves rhythmically like the movement in waves. This motion is transferred to all the other body parts, because our whole body consists mainly of water. So this rhythm has en effect on all our bones, muscles, organs, hormonal systems...

Physical traumas as well as emotional or mental stress can cause the rhythm to go out of balance and can therefore cause many different types of symptoms.

Our body knows exactly what it needs. It is the job of a Cranio-Sacral-Practitioner to carefully listen to the signals of the client's body and then to assist the body in the process of returning its natural balance.

Thus, there is in my opinion, no standard Cranio-Sacral-Treatment. Every body is different and it is not possible to tell in advance what it will need in the next moment.

My aim in this process is to offer the necessary space and energy in order to assist the natural mechanism of the body to correct itself.

If you want to have any further information about a Cranio-Sacral-Treatment, if you have questions or if you want to book a treatment with me, you are most welcome to contact me.

Love & Light

Anushree Krementz


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